How to Obtain Talent from Highway

Please find answers to frequently asked questions from employers on obtaining Highway talent.

Highway candidates prove their job-readiness through their portfolio of marketing ops projects within their Highway profile. You can also see other qualifications on their profiles’ resumes, such as prior work experience, certifications, etc. You are also able to schedule interviews to further evaluate Highway candidates. Often employers scrutinize candidates portfolio projects in the interview (e.g. ”why did you build the campaign that way in this MAP tool?”). To schedule an interview, click on the Schedule Interview link on the candidate’s profile (you must be logged into the portal to do so). This will provide you a Calendly link to perform the scheduling. During the evaluation process clients set up weekly 15 min. check-ins with Highway to discuss the progress of their efforts.

Our current cohort is available to join your team in early October. Our recommended schedule for evaluating candidates and bringing them on to your team is shown here It is worth noting that multiple employers are reviewing the same candidates simultaneously. Thus the faster that an employer proceeds and signs a SOW the more likely they are to secure their desired candidate(s).

Clients can obtain Highway talent as a consultant (i.e. client pays Highway; Highway pays Specialist) or as an employee (Client pays Highway a fee and then the Client pays the Specialist). In the consultant option, the client pays Highway a monthly fee; Highway pays all payroll taxes, benefits, etc. Clients also have the option to convert the consultant to a full-time employee by paying a conversion fee. Clients can also pay Highway a fee and sign the Highway candidates on as full-time employees. To discuss specific terms and pricing, schedule a call with Highway.

Clients can bring on a Highway Specialist for a annual salary cost of less than $70,000. To review Highway’s Services Agreement template, please click here. To discuss specific terms and pricing, schedule a call with Highway.

All Highway grads earn the following certifications: - Marketo MCA - HubSpot Marketing Software, Revenue Operations - Pardot Trailmix In addition Highway grads are trained on the following tools: - Salesforce Sales Cloud - Knak - Zapier - Eloqua - Terminus - Google Analytics For a full list of certifications and links please click here.

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